Beautiful illuminated engraving

This illuminated engraving is found in a collection of prayers and devotions presented to a young Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria (1573-1651), on the occasion of his 11th birthday. According to the editor, Feliciano Ninguarda, Bishop of Scala (1524-1595), the prayers were originally commissioned for King Charles II of France (823-877) when he was a young man. This edition, printed in Ingolstadt by David Sartorius in 1583, contains six hand-colored illustrations, including portraits of Charles II and Maximilian I as young men. Manuscript prayers written in two distinct hands have been inserted at the end of the printed text and the whole volume is beautifully bound with gold stamped covers.

All of the images from this volume can be seen here on the Penn Provenance Project Flickr site.

Charles II, King of France (823-877)
Maximilian II (1573-1651) at the age of 11










Found in: Liber precationum quas Carolus Caluus imperator Hludouici Pij Caesaris filius sibi adolescenti pro quotidiano vsu ante an[n]os vigintiquinq[ue] supra septingentos in vnum colligi, & literis scribi aureis mandauit : in honorem et vsum serenissimi principis Maximiliani serenissimi principis ac Domini, D. Guilhelmi Comitis Palatini Rheni, vtriusque Bauariae Ducis primogeniti, nunc primùm in lucem editus, & posteritati communicatus …, (Ingolstadt: David Sartorius, 1583).

Call Number: FC C3804 583l

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