The City of Doggy Love

My job is fun every day … but when working with a collection like the Monument Lab records which documents a project that asked a city-wide question, “what is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?” my job is even more fun.  As I randomly opened a few folders, I was surprised and moved by how incredibly thoughtful, fun, and provocative the proposals (just a tiny sampling of the 45,000 proposals submitted) really were.  I decided that for at least during this corona virus crisis, I would start each week sharing a proposal that I selected.  I will admit that I selected ones that spoke to me–obviously ones about history in this city rose to the top of my selection, but I also picked ones with charming pictures.

It is important to note that I looked carefully through only a few folders–so this sampling is really a sampling of a sampling.

I decided to start with the City of Doggy Love.  I am a cat person, but I found this to be so utterly delightful that I am hoping it starts everyone’s week with a smile!

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