University Archives & Records Center

The University Archives & Records Center (UARC) serves the University community as a center for research, teaching and learning as well as center for the storage and management of inactive University records. The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania established the University Archives and Records Center in 1945 and approved records management programs in 1954 and 1990. UARC’s collections include a broad range of historically significant materials from the first paper records created by the Trustees in 1749 to the millions of electronic records of the present. These materials document the University’s corporate or organizational origin and development as well as the many activities and achievements of its officers, staff, faculty, students, alumni, and benefactors. UARC’s collections policies also extend beyond the institution itself and embrace the history of prominent persons associated with the University; the history of institutions of higher learning in the United States; the history of American intellectual life generally; and the history of the Philadelphia community in which the University lives. The collections consist of more than 14,000 cubic feet of records in many different formats, including visual archives and three-dimensional memorabilia.

Architecture students in studio class of G. Holmes Perkins discussing a model for women’s campus, 1952


University Archives & Records Center
University of Pennsylvania
3401 Market Street, Ste. 210
Philadelphia, PA 19104